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RowStraps Pads

RowStraps Pads

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These new and improved pads are the latest development from RowStraps, and are included with the standard RowStraps System! 

I'm offering these upgraded pads for the early adopters who have the original pads.  While the originals might still be going strong, these are a nice upgrade!   

The R&D department was working overtime to make improvements to the original pads for quite a while!  Like Edison with the lightbulb, it took a lot of failures to get this right! These pads are much more durable than the originals, with slick new graphics, an antimicrobial surface, and they are "Made in the USA!"  Of course for good measure, houseofpayne has personally tested these pads for over a million meters and still counting!  

And one more thing: Free Economy Shipping in the USA! 

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