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RowStraps Pads "v3"

RowStraps Pads "v3"

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Leap Day 2024 - RowStraps is proud to announce the release of the new v3 pads! 

The R&D department has never stopped working to make improvements to the RowStraps pads!   There was a big step from the original pads to v2, but the step to v3 is an absolute quantum leap!  These new pads are the same size and shape as before, and still have the familiar RowStraps graphics.  The big improvement is that the top of the pads are now coated with an incredibly durable yet flexible clear plastic.  Of course, they are still "Made in the USA" and as you would expect, houseofpayne has already tested these pads for a million meters and counting!  

And one more thing: Free Shipping in the USA! 

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