Installation Instructions

Here is a link to the installation instructions for both the "Push Button" and "Upgraded" Footboard:
If that's not enough, here is a link to an exciting 10-minute YouTube video!  Get out the popcorn!  (This is only for the "Push Button" footboard...  New videos are in the works!)
Two important things to point out:
  1.  You will get two different straps in your package.  You will only need to use one of them!  The thin nylon strap has been experimental for a while, but folks have really liked it!  Plenty strong, but just a softer look and feel.  The other polypropylene strap is just like the original.  (The strap you don't use will probably end up in your junk drawer, or you might use it to MacGyver something!)
  2. These new pads are strong, but are not indestructible!  Please try not to aggressively tug on the ends.  Adjust the pad over the top of your feet, and then snug up the strap while pushing the button on the cam buckle.  You don't need the foot straps to be "tight," but instead just "secure."  The pads should never be stressed to the point where they are moving with every stroke.  With proper form, other than a small heel lift, your feet should remain still.  (If you are having a hard time keeping your feet still, and they pivot or twist, please reach out and let me know.  I can help!)
Here is a really short and sweet video of how to use RowStraps!
Thanks for your support!  I've had a great time developing this product, and have enjoyed hearing from so many wonderful and enthusiastic people!  Please send me any comments you might have on the RowStraps system, the installation instructions, or the ordering process!   And I love to see those pictures of happy and secure feet in RowStraps on Facebook and Reddit!
Time to Row!