Collection: RowStraps Merch

We spend a lot of our time rowing indoors, so why don't we ever share our passion with the rest of the world!?  Now you can!  Let everyone know how much you row!

It's an incredible accomplishment to row 1,000,000 meters, period!  Whether it takes you a month, a year, or more, you've hit a huge milestone!  Congrats!  My advice...  Keep going!  Each MM gets easier! 

True Story - I have been wearing my new "3MM Meters 2023" shirt around town, and I get so many questions and comments about it, both from friends and complete strangers!  I can't wait for someone who actually knows what it means to come up and give me a high-five!

I've created a bunch of MM designs for you to choose from, and will rely on the honor system that you have achieved these goals!  (Or will soon!)

I will continue to add new designs, with larger MM numbers for both YEAR and LIFETIME!  (e.g.  If you want a 7MM for LIFETIME, or 4MM for 2023 let me know and I'll get it done for you!) 

Thanks for your support!  I'm always open to your suggestions at!