Collection: FlowRow Boards

The first time I saw FlowRow Boards, I knew I had to give them a try!  How cool would it be to feel like you were rowing on the water?!  Sure, they aren't cheap, but they are a beautifully crafted product made in Germany that matches the WaterRower/Ergatta aesthetic to perfection!  

I thought about it for a while before ordering, as I had a few questions.  Would it make rowing more difficult?  Could it improve my form?  Is there a chance I might "fall out of the boat?"

Following my instincts, I placed an order, and soon I would have all my questions answered!  

Straight out of the box, I was impressed!  FlowRow is a well-designed product that is simple and elegant!  Of course, the first thing I did was take it apart to see how it worked.  I was very impressed by how it was engineered.  It was incredibly easy to change between the "Difficulty Levels" and the only tool you need is included!  The base was covered with pads that will keep your erg from sliding on a hard surface, and it also includes some special rubber shims that will act like “Training Wheels” as you learn to balance!  

During my first row, I will admit that I was a bit tipsy!  You really will need to concentrate on your balance!  And you will want to use the "Training Wheels", which limit your side-to-side motion.  But after a couple sessions, the training wheels came off!  (In all honesty, I forgot to put them in!)  I simply didn't need them anymore!  Your mind and body learn that fast!  You might be wobbly for a couple strokes at the start, but from then on, it's smooth sailing! 

I use FlowRow Boards all the time now, regardless of my workout.  Intervals, endurance rows, races, everything!  I’ve also moved up a Difficulty Level and noticed that it does requires a little more precision, but that’s good.  I want the challenge!  I know that my stroke is as smooth as ever, and that I’m as evenly balanced side-to-side as I’ve ever been!  And last but not least, I've never fallen out of the boat!

As RowStraps continues to grow, I’m excited to be able to offer new products.  And I assure you, anything I offer will be something I tried, tested and fully endorse!  My goal is to build a community of happy customers who love to row, and are always looking to improve their experience!  FlowRow is a unique product, and I can honestly say I’ve really enjoyed using it for the past few months!  I’m really excited to now offer this innovative product to the US market!     

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me at