Take your rowing experience to the next level!

RowStraps is an innovative foot strap system designed for Ergatta and WaterRower ergometers. This system eliminates a problem and frustration that all of us have experienced while rowing: foot straps that loosen up and fail to hold your feet securely!  You will be amazed how RowStraps will improve your rowing experience! With RowStraps you can focus on your form, power and splits, and never worry about re-adjusting your foot straps!

Feb 29 - Introducing the latest development from the RowStraps R&D Department: "v3" pads!

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  • Robert K.

    They do exactly what you promised. Specifically, I never have to think about the straps again now that I use yours. Instead, I get to focus on things like my form, my power, or how hard the workout is.

  • md4moms - Reddit

    The best money I have spent all year!

  • Amie F. - Facebook

    I can’t say enough good things about these straps! Thank you for the easy/simple installation instructions and for leveling up my rowing experience!

  • Ty H. - Facebook

    Love my Row Straps...thx for designing them. I immediately dropped my average split by 5 seconds and best split by 2 seconds. They are awesome!

    (I can't guarantee RowStraps will make you faster, but certainly agree that they are awesome!)
  • Send me your feedback!

    If you have something to say about RowStraps, please let me know at rowstraps@gmail.com!

  • David T - email

    One wouldn't think that something used to hold feet into a rowing machine would be praise-worthy, but you've done it!

    Thanks so much for designing and making these available, I am really enjoying them!