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FlowRow Boards with Three Difficulty Levels

FlowRow Boards with Three Difficulty Levels

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What Rowing Machine?
Difficulty Levels

This set of FlowRow Boards will bring a new challenge to your indoor rowing experience and deliver noticeable results in strengthening your core muscles.  This training upgrade simulates rowing on an unstable surface, just like rowing on water!  Your body attempts to balance the subtle rocking motion, using hard-to-reach deep muscles.  Get to know your rowing machine in a whole new way by adding some variety and have more fun!

With this combination package, you will receive a pair of FlowRow Boards installed with a "Difficulty Level" of your choosing.  The package includes two additional Difficulty Levels that will continue to challenge you as your balancing skills improve and your core gets stronger! 

FlowRow is easy to set up!  Quickly change between Difficulty Levels with the included tool!  FlowRow also raises your erg a few inches off the ground making it easier to get on and off!  

Use the chart below to help select your Difficulty Levels.  Weight is the biggest factor in making your selection.  When in doubt, err to the lower-numbered Difficulty Level.  

Note: This product will be shipped from Germany via UPS.  Shipping costs are included in the price, and delivery will take about 5 business days!  

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