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Ergatta Rower Phone Stand

Ergatta Rower Phone Stand

This is a fun collaboration I started with a crafty young inventor named Xander!   After realizing that there was a need for a phone stand for Ergatta users, his ingenuity went in to overdrive!  He experimented with different materials for while, but after he got a 3D printer for Christmas, his product was launched to the marketplace!  This sage 13-year old started production, built an Etsy storefront, and was taking orders immediately! 

Check out his store at the link below!

Just to be clear, this is not a paid promotion!  I'm just helping Xander spread the word about his awesome product!  


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If you would like more information on Xander's Store, click the link below!  It will open a new window to their website!

Go to Xander's Store!