More about FlowRow

Do you want to invest in your health? FlowRow can help you do just that. The FlowRow Balance Board ensures that your deep muscles are activated during your workout, effectively preventing back pain.

The rowing machine is simply placed on the balance boards, which means that you have to constantly keep your balance during the workout. The FlowRow Board is currently in the patenting process in Europe and the USA. The patent has already been granted in China and Switzerland.

The FlowRow Board set gives you maximum rowing fun and noticeable results in strengthening your deep muscles. With three levels of difficulty to choose from, you have unique flexibility in your otherwise monotonous rowing workout. These balance boards grow with your success and ensure an all-round improvement in coordination and deep muscles, which are important for strong core stabilization and the prevention of back pain. 

This training upgrade simulates your body on an unstable surface, similar to rowing on water. Your body attempts to balance the rocking motion, using the hard-to-reach deep muscles. Get to know your rowing machine in a whole new way and not only have more fun, excitement and variety, but also maximize your training results with the FlowRow balance boards.

Combination package in 3 difficulty levels 

With this advantageous combination package, you will receive a pair of FlowRow Boards with a difficulty level of your choice and two additional difficulty levels that allow you to adjust your FlowRow Board to your requirements. Thus, you will acquire a total of three different difficulty levels in one single package.

For beginners to professionals 

To ensure that your deep muscles and coordination are optimally challenged, we offer the FlowRow Board in different levels of difficulty. In the table below, you will find a recommendation for the perfect board that corresponds to your balance feeling and body weight.

Simple addition 

The FlowRow Board has been designed and patented in Switzerland and is manufactured in Europe from high quality solid wood. The two balance boards are delivered in the size of 40 x 25 x 8.5 cm and can be quickly assembled to provide an effective and stylish addition to your usual rowing machine. The rowing machine is simply placed on the two boards and is immediately ready for use. The boards are available in natural oak, black lacquered oak or natural beech. The visible grain of the FlowRow boards gives a natural decorative effect.

Included in delivery

With this offer, you will receive a ready-to-use FlowRow Board set with three difficulty levels of your choice. This package consists of the front and rear FlowRow Boards, as well as the matching rubber pads that limit the tilt if necessary. With the additional elastic elements, you can adjust the rowing machine to your specific needs. The elastic elements can be easily exchanged, ensuring that the FlowRow Board is either more flexible or more stable in use. For easy handling, an instruction manual is included and we include a long Allen key for replacing the elastic elements.

Suitable for the following rowing machines

WaterRower Ash, WaterRower Natural, WaterRower Oxbridge, WaterRower Classic, WaterRower Maple, WaterRower Oak, WaterRower Club, WaterRower Shadow, WaterRower Cherry, WaterRower Walnut, WaterRower British Rowing Edition, WaterRower Xeno Müller Signature Edition, WaterRower Performance Ergometer, WaterRower S1

If you use the WaterRower HiRise adapter, please choose a difficulty level one level lower because of the increased seat height.